Building the Swimming Pool of Your Dreams

artizanluxurypoolhomeSome of the best pool projects are those where the focus lies heavily on creating a spectacular result.  They incorporate the very best materials and workmanship, and often include features that distinguish them from any other pool. 

The team at Artizan Designs Pools has extensive experience building high-end swimming pools and outdoor living areas in some of the nicest neighborhoods in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Alabama.  We believe that taking pride in our work is the very first step in achieving the best results for our clients.  We combine that philosophy with an outstanding work ethic and knowledge that’s been acquired over a 20 year period. 

If you are looking for a truly unique and statement-making pool and outdoor living space, please call the accomplished team at Artizan Designs Pools at (678) 540-8610 or email us at

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