Swimming Pools for Challenging Lots

artizanchallengingpoolhomeNot every yard is created equal.  And not every yard is set-up in the most desirable way for a swimming pool.  That does not, however, mean that a successful pool build is not possible.  In fact, the team at Artizan Designs Pools has completed many challenging pool builds over the past 20 years.  We find these projects to be some of the most enjoyable for our team because they present a challenge.  It’s also very satisfying to see a homeowner truly impressed with the complete transformation their yard has undergone.

Click here to see one of our recent challenging pool builds.

We pride ourselves on the ability to see tough pool projects through from start to finish, including those with significant challenges related to:

  • Slope and Elevation Changes
  • Drainage
  • Small Lot Size
  • Rocky Ground
  • Uneven Property Lines
  • Native Wildlife and Pests

Building Something Unique

In addition to yard characteristics that present challenges, many of our customers look to our team to create something truly unique.  This may include an underground slide, diving platform, or fountains that provide excellent affects at night.  Whatever the desired features, Artizan Designs Pools can deliver.

If you are gathering information about the feasibility of building a pool in your yard, or have a unique vision of the end result, contact the professional pool builders at Artizan today.  We offer a free consultation and estimate, as well as detailed design drawings so you can see exactly what is possible.  Call our office today at (678) 540-8610 or reach us via email at artizandesignspools@gmail.com.

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