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artizanmainpoolpicThe key to building the best residential swimming pools is to recognize that every homeowner has a different list of the things that are most important.  Many pool contractors go wrong by assuming that what is a top priority for one homeowner applies to a totally different homeowner.  We start with the idea that every project is unique.

The experts at Artizan have worked hand-in-hand with hundreds of homeowners over more than 20 years.  We understand that goals and priorities vary tremendously, and set our company apart by identifying and building outdoor recreation areas the way our customers envision them.  For example, below are some of the homeowners we’ve worked with and what their goals were:

  • Business owners who wanted a very modern outdoor living space for entertaining clients.
  • Parents who wanted an area where their young children could play all day long without ever getting bored.
  • Investors who needed to add an impressive outdoor living space to increase the value of a property by matching it with those in the same area.
  • Parents of a high school senior who were under a tight timeline to complete their backyard dream prior to her graduation party.
  • Retired couples who wanted a pool with easy access and low maintenance for enjoyment during their later years.
  • Athletes who needed a state of the art pool for training during the off-season.

When it comes to building a backyard pool, there are an incredible number of choices.  Most homeowners want helpful information about options for location, size, type, and style of their residential swimming pool.  Artizan provides that information with the right balance between allowing the customer’s unique dream to take shape, and also providing experience guidance along the way. 

The team at Artizan has built residential pools with every conceivable feature, including waterfalls, hot tubs, slides, diving boards and platforms, unique lighting, and more.  If you are considering a residential swimming pool for your home, please contact us today at (678) 540-8610 or via email at artizandesignspools@gmail.com.

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