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Choosing the best pool builder for your project is not easy.  Most pool companies have nice websites that include lots of impressive photos and promises of great customer service and quality.  So how do you narrow down your choices? 

Clients trust Artizan Designs Pools for 3 main reasons:

  • We have a great team, experienced in the largest and most challenging pool builds, but also equally committed to smaller projects. 
  • We use very few subcontractors.  We’re unaware of any company that uses all their own full-time employees because some components (gunite installation) is a very specialized trade.  However, our pools are built by full-time employees.
  • Our owner, Jimmy Cerna, is involved and on-site during all phases of the project.

During the past 20 years, Jimmy Cerna has assembled a skilled team of pool builders.  They all share the same philosophy:  Build every customer’s pool the same way as you would build your own. This includes using the highest quality materials and best workmanship.

We also understand the small details that turn a quality build into a great experience for the homeowner or business.  These include cleaning-up the worksite each evening, and treating homeowners and their families with courtesy and respect.

We want the entire experience of building a pool to be enjoyable and remembered as an exciting time in your lives.  And it’s important to us that the final result is the backyard of your dreams with the quality that will provide for years of fun and enjoyment.

Below are some recent pictures of our Team at work!

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